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Manufacturers and Developers of Aerosols Liquids Gels Pastes Powders


Product Development

InduSSpray is equipped to facilitate each stage of the product development process.

1. Feasibility
Product feasibility can be ascertained through creating formulations with our in-house
catalogue, or through formulations developed elsewhere

2. Prototyping
InduSSpray has no minimum order quantity. Therefore limited runs could be made to test
the viability of the product. This stage could help clients with market surveys, establishing
price points and benchmarking.

3. Package Design
InduSSpray will help clients in creating packages that resonate with the aspiration of their
target audiences.

4. Production
Our facilities can be ramped up for production to up to 1 million units per month

5. Quality Control
The quality benchmarks established in the prototyping process will be adhered to strictly to
ensure product consistency.